Writing an ethical code of conduct

At times, you may be misleading someone unintentionally. Networking and outside team-building are often important for career advancement. Is business ethics an oxymoron? Value-based ethical codes may require a greater degree of self-regulation than compliance-based codes.

Any written document in your own company is copyrighted by law once produced. Ideally the team should be diverse and inclusive, and influencers who can build company support for the code of conduct should participate; otherwise, consider bringing in an outsider to facilitate the process and help communicate the results.

Professional and Technical Writing/Ethics

When you are researching professional documents, make sure you are using material with permission. It can also help you down the line if one of your employees or vendors drags you into legal trouble.

Even with input from a broader multi-disciplinary team, having a lawyer lead the process will likely result in a risk-mitigating, law-oriented focus. The audience may find out too late that what you wrote only benefited you and actual ended up hurting them.

Their feelings and livelihood must be considered with every appropriate document you create. When violations do occur, managers must periodically follow up with employees at three months and again at six months to determine if they feel the situation was resolved and to discuss whether the inappropriate behavior has stopped.

They also need to have access to senior management or the board of directors for periodic updates or in case a problem arises. It would have been easy to cave to the pressure of their responsibility to stakeholders, creditors, and employees but Ikea has a firm no bribes policy.

Most times, people try to manipulate others to receive some type of reward or gain. What are you willing to do? Is the meeting or event at a reasonable time for employees who care for children or dependents, and with enough warning for them to arrange alternative care?

Who to Turn to for Help While it can be valuable to consult a lawyer when drafting a code of ethics, "[a] lawyer is not really an ethics individual," explains Fraedrich. The importance of being ethical Resources Inc. Sometimes you may be aware of the readers point. What advice does a trusted supervisor or mentor offer?

What you really want is a collaborative, values-driven approach — one that will inspire working with openness, trust, and collaboration instead of bias, fear, and avoidance.

Guide to writing a code of conduct

This person is typically known as an ethical officer or, in more intimidating terminology, a compliance officer. As you develop a policy on how to handle complaints, think about your approach to conflict resolution. Does it just apply in the workplace, or also at work-related social functions and events?

Code of Ethics / Conduct

Employees should also be given information on what to expect when they report, including different kinds of consequences for different actions, with clear examples. Having a code is "often viewed as a luxury or something that is an added cost," he says. Employees need to have a say in it but they also need to know why the code is important and why it ultimately contains the tenets that it does.

Develop a clear policy for offsite events with considerations like: Intellectual property includes the following: They should address all forms of unacceptable activity in a single document, rather than having separate policies for different kinds of harassment racial, gender, sexual, etc.

Does the meeting or event include alcohol?A code of ethics, also known as a code of conduct, clarifies “an organization’s mission, values, and principles, linking them with standards of professional conduct.”[1] A code of conduct serves as a reference for managers and employees when making decisions at.

Suggested Guidelines for Writing a Code of Ethics/Conduct Corporate Governance Services. Writing a Code of Ethics/Conduct 2 Companies that follow both the letter and the spirit of the law by taking a • An ethical decision framework to assist employees in making choices.

Code of Ethics

For example, a code might ask employees to answer. While Code of Conduct is a popular title, other companies call it their Code of Business Ethics, Code of Ethical Business Conduct and Code of Ethics and Standards.

The last is popular in professional associations. No matter what an organization calls it, the Code of Conduct serves as a framework for ethical decision making within an. Professional and Technical Writing/Ethics. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world The ethical code set in place by your company, and; Your own personal ethics.

Does your company's code of conduct address this issue? Guide to writing a code of conduct. This may be necessary to reflect changes in the law, regulations, and ethical norms. Audits are not the only source of information about how well a code of conduct is working.

Employees should be invited to submit feedback on company surveys, performance reviews, and when they file complaints. Home / Resources / Ethics & Compliance Toolkit / Ten Style Tips for Writing an Effective Code of Conduct You have been given the task of writing an effective code of conduct for your organization.

A blank page sits on your screen and the cursor blinks in anticipation.

Writing an ethical code of conduct
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