Weighbridge types

Over time they have evolved to deliver a solution that provides a different set of benefits to a digital cell. Unlike conventional analogue load cells, which rely on external wiring, junction boxes and A to D circuitry, digital cells offer additional protection from the unwanted electrical interference that can affect analogue load cells.

Our products are easy to install, requires less space and are known for inexpensive pit construction. Adding entry and exit barriers, video surveillance, traffic lights and automatic number plate recognition ANPR can manage traffic flow as well as improving security and combating weighbridge theft and fraud by providing important data about who and what is entering and leaving the site.

This design is often selected when the bridge may need to be moved, or in temporary installations.

If the portable weighbridge is to be used for trade purposes, concrete end walls have to be constructed. Design and construction Look carefully at the way that the bridge deck is constructed.

The platform of the truck scale is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Jun 22, What is a Weighbridge, its different types and its functions A weighbridge or a truckscale is a set of scale which is used to weigh bulk items.

For many uses such as at police over the road truck weigh stations or temporary road intercepts weighbridges have been largely supplanted by simple and thin electronic weigh cellsover which a vehicle is slowly driven.

The application enables you to capture weight data, print weight tickets and reports. Above ground weighbridges Above-ground weighbridges are the most common due to their cost-effectiveness plus they require the least amount of site preparation.

Weighbridges: A Buyer's Guide

Pit or surface mounted weighbridges? High quality steel plates are selected and used for its platform, and its scale body is reasonably pieced into separate parts. Weigh Soft Enterprise is simple to use and extremely user friendly. Four such weighing units were used with one under each of the trucks wheels.

Truck scale

In such cases of overloading, officials can fine the concerned parties for flouting the law and restore road safety laws. Bear in mind that digital load cells can be more costly than an analogue alternative.

Many weighbridges that use canister cells position the cell low in the weighbridge, Weighbridge types to the ground. Carefully consider what you need from your weighbridge — whether data transfer for invoicing and purchasing, added security and fraud protection, reporting for legislative purposes or sharing data across multiple sites.

The weighing surface of fully in-ground weighbridges is completely level with the surrounding ground and access to the load cells is through holes in the deck or side of the deck.

The shear stress produced by the load is detected by a strain gauge, full bridge circuit and converted into an analog electrical signal.

In many cases, the answer will be dictated not only by usage and budget, but by the site conditions. Remember that installing ATEX compliant equipment is just the beginning as far as explosion prevention is concerned, it is vital to ensure that the service technicians used for ongoing maintenance are suitably qualified, certified and fully compliant with the changing ATEX legislation.

Traffic management and weighbridge automation Unattended weighbridge systems can automate processing of vehicles without the need for a dedicated operator, reducing operating costs and extending the hours of availability.

This type of weighbridge can be supplied in single deck, twin deck or multi-deck configuration depending on the length of the vehicles that need to be weighed. The cells convert the force of the load into an electrical signal, which is then read and displayed by a weight indicator.

The deck can either be made entirely from steel the lightweight construction is ideal for relocation purposes or from the more typical combination of steel and concrete.

However, they require extensive site preparation, excavation and reinforcing, making them the most expensive option. Load Cellsdepending on length of the platform. Concrete decks should be reinforced by a high strength steel construction.

Analogue cells Analogue load cells are the most common solution. The microprocessor based electronic indicator is an extremely reliable and user- friendly weight indicator with a green vacuum fluorescent display.

In earlier versions the bridge is installed over a rectangular pit that contains levers that ultimately connect to a balance mechanism.

Weighbridges are broadly classified into two categories, namely above-ground and in-ground.

What is a Weighbridge, its different types and its functions

Using the same example of the Weigh Bar, the shape of the cell allows it to sit higher in the bridge than many canister load cells, which means that it is kept out of the way of the water and debris that can collect under a weighbridge over time.

In China our weighing equipment have the best quality. Heart of any electronic weigh scale, the load cell is heavy duty bending beam type load cell. In addition, they are in compliance with the international quality standards. It stores the weight data for future processing and reporting.pitless type weighbridge This type of weighbridge / Truck scale is most suitable where the excavation work for foundation is difficult or construction of pit is expensive.

Since the structure is above ground level, vehicles can approach Weighbridge types weighbridge only from two directions where the ramps are provided.

There are many different types of weighbridge available and your choice will depend on many different factors including cost, available space, ground conditions, access, need for portability, frequency of use and purpose (trade or non-trade).

Manufacturers of weighbridges have various types of weighbridges for their clients. These are electronic pit type or pit less, digital pit type or pit less, rail weighbridge, portable weighbridge, RCC weighbridge, mechanical weighbridges etc.

A weighbridge is a major investment. The Weighbridge Buyer’s Guide, from Avery Weigh-Tronix, covers seven key areas to consider when speaking to your chosen supplier(s). There are many different types of weighbridge available and your choice will depend on many different factors including cost, available space, ground conditions, access, need for portability, frequency of use and purpose.

The most complex portion of this type is the arrangement of levers underneath the weighbridge since the response of the scale must be independent of the distribution of the load.

Electronic Weighbridge

Modern devices use multiple load cells that connect to an electronic equipment to totalize the sensor inputs.

Weighbridge types
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