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Selecting the Examination Chair

Click here for detailed information on the final doctoral examination. Course Work The Program consists of 30 credits, including a credit thesis, and at least 12 credits of graduate seminars related to film topics, selected from FIST, Request the candidate and persons not on the Examining Committee to withdraw.

The Chair records their comments and observations before signing off. The dissertation is unsatisfactory. When to Have a Committee Meeting New students should hold a meeting within the first two to three months of starting the program. The candidate may speak from notes and use audio-visual equipment but must NOT read the synopsis.

Final Oral Defence

Records and Registration Faculty and Staff The department head should use this form to request permission from the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies for Ubc thesis chair graduate student to teach courses. During the Exam A minute presentation by the candidate to an open audience A period of questions from the examiners and other members of the audience A period of in camera questioning by the Examining Committee and other interested faculty.

Electronic forms are available through the Graduate Office. Substantive revision affecting the content of the thesis. If a quorum is not present, the Chair may delay the examination, postponing it until a later date. Call for questions from the audience.

PhD Dissertation

Thus it seeks both to convince readers who are specialists in the proposed research subject and to explain the proposed research to non-specialist academic readers.

The kind and amount of thesis supervision will be dictated by the needs of the individual student and the preferred methods of the Supervisor.

All Students will be assigned an initial supervisor on entry to the Program. Please see the MA Advisor for details. The entire Supervisory Committee evaluates the prospectus and the final draft of the thesis before each is submitted for examination.

A copy of these instructions is provided to the Examining Committee approximately one week before the Oral Defence. Annual Review All MA students will prepare an annual review of their progress through the degree program at the end of the spring term normally the second week of April.

Call the student and in the presence of the Examination Committee inform the student if they passed or failed. Procedures to be followed by the Chair usually Supervisor at the thesis defense: The chair must ensure that the student addresses any questions raised during the question period.

Late applications are not considered.

Dissertation & Thesis

Please also note that the Examination Chair has the right to discontinue a remote connection if it is interfering with the proper conduct of the examination. Your First Committee Meeting After your prospective committee members agree to being a part of your committee you should set up your first meeting in your first two to three months.

Attempt to reach a consensus on an appropriate category for the thesis based on the following: Should any technological issues arise during the course Ubc thesis chair the exam, the exam Ubc thesis chair not normally be paused to resolve them.

Supervisory Committees supervise and bear ultimate responsibility for approving research carried out by PhD candidates. To prepare for the Review, each student should: Instruct all present to turn off mobile phones, alarms, etc. You can find more help at the Service Canada Website.

To read the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies description of different kinds of leave, click here. The examining committee should include at least one member from another graduate program.

Candidates using laptops without these outputs must bring the appropriate adaptors. A thesis may be passed as written, revisions may be requested, the examination may be adjourned, or the student may be failed.

It could be a committee member. Next, the Chair calls for questions from visitors. External Examiner After the Departmental Examination and before the University Examination, the thesis will also be evaluated by an "External Examiner" who will submit a written report and who may attend the University Examination.

All students are required to maintain their registration continuously, whether taking courses or not. For theses in language programs, some questions can be posed or answered in the language concerned, provided the Examination Committee can follow proceedings by translation if necessary in this other language.

The Examination Committee is asked to make a recommendation with respect to the performance of the candidate at the defense and of the thesis itself.The Chair sends a report and the Grade Report forms to the Experimental Medicine program office with your final grade.

If applicable, you make suggested corrections to your thesis. Your Research Supervisor approves the corrections. The thesis defense for a Master’s degree is a public presentation of the candidate’s thesis, followed by questioning from the examiners. The candidate’s MSc Supervisory Committee has to determine if the thesis is ready for the defense.

Defence of Masters Thesis (MSc & MASc) Ensure that GradMe is used to report the defense. The Examing Committee. The Committee should include: Your Thesis Supervisor who will act as the Chair. Final Master's Thesis Oral Examination - Neutral Chair's Report This form is sent to the Neutral Chair from the supervisor via email prior to the examination date.

This form records the voting outcome by the examining committee for the student. Structure of the Oral Defence Defence chair (appointed by Program Director) introduces student and thesis title Student makes a public presentation of the dissertation (approximately minutes) Examining Committee and the Chair/External question the.

Purpose of the Final Oral Defence To ensure that the Candidate is able to present and defend the dissertation and its underlying assumptions, methodology, results, and conclusions in a manner consistent with the doctoral degree being sought; To communicate the results of the work to the campus community.

Structure of the Final Oral Defence.

Ubc thesis chair
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