The effects of the boston massacre and the storming of the bastille on america and france

The Bastille In 18th century Paris, the Bastille had become an established prison used by the king of France to remove political prisoners, among others, from society and prevent them from spreading subversive political ideas. Symbolism The major effects of the storming of the Bastille were symbolic.

The American Revolution and how it affected the french revolution? After stabbing the commander to death, the protesters displayed his head on a pike.

When the mob attempted this, the governor of the Bastille, the Marquis de Launay, began negotiations with a few of the men, believing that he would soon be rescued. Its solution was to pass a series of taxes in the s and 70s, such as the Stamp Act, which caused an enraged group of colonists to cry "no taxation without representation.

How were the American colonists brainwashed about the American Revolution?

Troops were sent into Massachusetts to strengthen British authority. On 12 Julythe protests finally became violent when a huge crowd marched through the city displaying busts of Necker. However, the French people were greatly impressed with the ideals of freedom and democracy sought by the new United States, and these greatly influenced their thinking.

The most obvious difference was that the American Revolution resulted in the newly independent United States, whereas the French Revolution overthrew its own government.

The effects of the boston massacre and the storming of the bastille on america and france

In this final war, England decided that the battles in Europe were more deserving of their time and left the colonists to fend almost entirely for themselves against the French and the Natives.

With the Bastille also protected by 30 cannon, its taking would not be easy for an untrained and poorly armed mob.

What Was the Significance of the Storming of the Bastille?

This victory convinced several European nations that theAmerican cause was worth supporting, with France in particularproviding aid that proved critical to the ultimate victory in thewar.

This Guard adopted the revolutionary tricolour cockade as part of its uniform. The storming of the Bastille Two days later, on 14 July, unhappy French men and women gathered around the fortress and demanded the surrender of the arms, gunpowder, garrison and cannon. Also, at the end of all these wars, the British crown was exceedingly poor from all of the military spending it had encountered.

A small group of protesters climbed onto the roof of a nearby building and managed to break the chains of the castle drawbridge, accidentally crushing one of their number in the process. It made room for a rough kind of democracy, and made way for the extreme changes that followed afterwards, such as the abolishment of slavery.

King Louis XVI was not aware of the events until the following morning. They were sick of the british treating them horribly and they felt taxes were unfair.

How did the rivalry between French and Dutch colonists affect Native Americans?The storming of the Bastille prison occurred on 14 July The prison contained just seven inmates at the time of its storming but was a symbol of the abuses of the monarchy: its fall was the flash point of the French Revolution.

Mar 07,  · Effects of the Storming of the Bastille: The storming of the Bastille was more a symbol than a real political event. It became the symbol of the fight of the people of Paris against the Resolved. With the onset of the French Revolution and the subsequent execution of the King and Queen of France, Hamilton and the Federalist Party took the position of opposition toward the Revolution and warned that the Republican Party had visions of a similar revolution in America.

The American Revolution encountered many events, such as, the Boston Massacre, the Paul Revere’s Ride, and Battles at Lexington Concord, the Declaration. Causes, effects, and history surrounding the storming of the Bastille. Comments the effects of the boston massacre and the storming of the bastille on america and france and analysis from The Telegraph Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines.


The effects of the boston massacre and the storming of the bastille on america and france
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