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At every campus, some persons must be in this role. Comparing the status of the implementation effort to the vision is a means for assessing progress and helping people to understand the progress made and what is yet to be done.

If teachers do not know their change destination, the journey may take them anywhere.

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You can download any pdf file to your hard drive by doing the following: The research on both processes attest to this fact. Wide-ranging literature reviews of the research and practice of successful school change efforts identified the strategies used by leaders of change Hord,the context factors that support change Boyd,and the characteristics of change leaders Mendez-Morse, Leaders and leadership teams are frequently uncomfortable in executing this strategy.

Staff Development and Change Process: Cut from the Same Cloth

Read pdf format files using a pdf reader for example: Assess or Monitor Progress It is at this point that change efforts typically fall apart. Schools as learning communities. Continuous quest for quality. Provide Continuous Assistance This strategy by any other name - coaching, consultation, follow up - is the same.

It is easy to see the strong fit of the parts of the two models. The "new" teaching of science and the focus on student-directed learning are not actually so new. Develop and Articulate a Vision Many science programs fail to be implemented because of the lack of a clear vision, or mental image, of what it would look like when fully implemented in a high quality way.

Paper Size We have set our printable material to fit the standard A4 paper size. The third component is initial practice in a protected or simulated setting - most often in the workshop session.

Phi Delta Kappan, 69 1 In this paper, a well-researched model of staff development is described. State of the school report, Historical site, Urban elementary school School principals as effective leaders.

The fifth category included consultation, reinforcement, and other data-based interventions, provided as a result of monitoring. We know a great deal about how to conduct effective staff development and successful change. Improving the urban high school, what works and why.

Science curricula developed in the s were highly similar to those being recommended today. The files you are downloading are in pdf format - start at 1.

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Managing change in the science program. Too often, it appears this fundamental view of staff development is unheeded or forgotten. If printed out on paper of another size the image may not be centred on the page, or may flow over to a second sheet.

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These "tried and true" strategies were found in both large-scale and small-in-scope change efforts. In such a culture, relationships of all members are caring and supportive.

Louis and Miles recommend garage sales and any other creative means for economically accessing what is needed.NLU Faculty and Staff Resources.

At National Louis University, our faculty and staff are dedicated to our mission of providing world-class education that makes a difference for our students, our community and the world.

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Staff paper
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