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But no matter how well run a business is, its sales slump whenever the economy stalls. Often share prices will rise after a major downsizing, because the company is perceived as "doing something. As an organizational strategy, downsizing is very different from the long-standing practice of temporarily laying workers off during economic hard times, and it is pursued for different reasons.

Some researchers go so far as to describe the downsized worker as clinically traumatized, comparing the experience of downsizing as "similar to that of other trauma: The workers retained their Rhino benefits and seniority, learned new skills while gaining a better understanding of the customer, and some employees even earned a higher salary.

Companies have traditionally resorted to layoffs during economic Research paper on downsizing to keep from losing money. In, unemployment insurance claimants, over one-third of all mass layoffs, fell into the extended category.


More and more, prosperous companies hedge their future profitability by going offshore in search of the lowest possible unit costs, relocating entire operations to developing countries.

Not as severe sounding, perhaps, as company-wide job cuts or plant closings, the word first entered the business lexicon some thirty-odd years ago.

Examining the Incidence of Downsizing and Its Effect on Establishment Performance

Workers with even a few college credits had much less of a problem: Mother Jones Magazine Then there is downsizing, a form of organizational restructuring. The fate of her child"s life was left unknown. Downsizing, Research paper on downsizing can hire a professional writer here to write you a high quality authentic essay.

Employees are offered to buy a closed down operation, which they could set up there own business. Bottom-line considerations dictate that production be scaled down at such times, and therein lies the cause of many layoffs.

Long-term, though, the organization suffers from mass confusion, psychic depression, and lack of key ingredients for growth and leadership: Many organizations are now looking for alternatives to downsizing that allow them to save their employees, which are now seen as large assets.

The unintentional use of corporate restructuring leads to selection and placement, employee development and training usually within a year of the initial effort. This helps employees to expand their working potential and allows them to diversify and venture into other specialized fields related to their work by internal retraining.

Downsizing is never an easy decision. A company under siege or claiming to be takes a look at its largest expense typically payroll and benefits and starts slashing. Companies therefore have to ensure that they develop appropriate and well thought-out plans before implementing the downsizing and layoff process.

As a result the employees put a lot into their work. It is necessary to avoid a possible downturn of the business at this stage. Some may even try to sabotage the company. Showing employees that they are assets to the company can ultimately optimize their attitude, performance and productivity.

The employees had the numbers and everyday they were challenged to beat them.Well over a million American workers, both blue and white collar, lose their jobs each year in mass layoffs. Companies have traditionally resorted to layoffs during economic slowdowns to keep from.

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The main focuses is the 9 propositions to guide future research on Star Performers such as addressing human capital, turnover, compensation, downsizing, leadership, teamwork, corporate entrepreneurship, and micro foundations of strategy.

Downsizing has adversely affected 43 million jobs since Many organizations are realizing that downsizing may not be the best solution for reducing costs. The time and money it takes to train employees often make downsizing a wasteful procedur, research paper. Research Article Does Downsizing Strategy affect the Retained Employees Performance?

This paper therefore aimed at Journal of Human Resources Management Research 2 _____ _____.

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