On what grounds have conservatives defended

This applies because the dispossessed bourgeoisie will not easily or peacefully be reconciled to socialism. Traditional conservatives have emphasised this view, and it has been reinforced by the conservative New Right in recent years.

Neoliberal trends within modern conservatism have departed from traditionalism, however. Socialists view human nature in broadly positive terms. Multiculturalism, based on value pluralism, therefore tends to lead towards conflict and weaken society. Marx believed that capitalism would be overthrown by a proletarian revolution.

To what extent do traditional conservatives and the New Right differ in their views of society? Marx had implied that the downfall of capitalism would be brought about by a class conscious proletariat that had, as a result, little need for organisation and leadership — it would provide its own leadership.

Why have anarchists believed that the state is unnecessary? Ethical individualism implies that moral priority should be given to the rights, needs or interests of the individual. Distinguish between fundamentalist socialism and revisionist socialism.

Hierarchy is an inevitable feature of an organic society, not merely a consequence of individual differences. In answering this question, consider the following issues: Third, tradition helps to uphold social stability, generating a sense of identity for both society and the individual.

Liberals have warned against the dangers of democracy for a number of reasons. For Marxists, states are a reflection of the class system, and the need for a temporary socialist state arose from the persistence of class antagonisms after the proletarian revolution.

On what grounds have socialists criticised the liberal view of equality? First, some conservatives have defended tradition on grounds of religious faith.

Capitalism is therefore essentially a system of class exploitation, operating in the interests of the bourgeoisie, the owners of productive wealth. How have conservatives justified private property? In a sense, they place reason above tradition in being guided by abstract economic theory rather than a desire for continuity with the past.

Conservative support for free market capitalism has grown through the advance of neoliberalism or the liberal New Right in the UK, associated with Thatcherism. Distinguish between neoliberalism and neoconservatism. When people are linked together by the recognition of a common humanity, they have no need to be regulated or controlled by government.

Why do liberals fear concentrations of power? A distinction is commonly drawn between the liberal New Right and the conservative New Right, sometimes referred to as neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism.

Collectivism has provided the basis for a particular school of anarchism, commonly called collectivist anarchism or social anarchism. This reflects a negative view of human nature which holds that humans are morally imperfect.

The socialist belief that property should be owned in common is also seen as particularly appalling because it threatens to create a completely depersonalised world.

The intellectual skills relevant to this question are as follows: This tension between the 2 runs deep in both ideological and philosophical terms.

This would occur as the proletariat achieved class consciousness, becoming a class-for-itself rather than a class-in-itself. Why did Marx believe that capitalism was doomed to collapse, and how would this occur?

This implies that the individual cannot be separated from society, but is part of the social groups that nurture him or her, reflecting the dependent and security-seeking tendencies within human nature.On what grounds have conservatives defended authority?

Indicative content (this is not an exhaustive account of relevant points) Authority refers to the right to influence the behaviour of others; that is, ‘power cloaked in legitimacy’.

View Essay - On what grounds have conservatives defended authority from POLITICS L at King's College London. imperfection authority provides support and guidance for individuals. Conservatives.

On what grounds have conservatives defended authority? -Authority refers to the right to influence the behaviour of others, 'power cloaked in legitimacy' -engenders order and discipline, protecting society from lawlessness and.

Therefore, conservatives have advocated thrift, cautious management of money, as a virtue in itself and thus encourage private savings schemes and investments. On what grounds have conservatives defended authority?

Does conservatism reflect the interests of the privileged and prosperous? Conservatives have defended authority on a number of grounds: • Authority is a vital source of support and guidance for the people who do not know what is good for them. As such, authority arises naturally ‘from above’, as in the authority of parents over children.

Conservatives have seen authority as a very important concept. Authority is the right to exercise power other others. One reason why conservatives defend authority is because it is a guarantee of public order.

On what grounds have conservatives defended
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