How to write a letter to host family in japanese

Now I am attending highschool without thinking any future career. Do you all have dinner together? Now my father, Bruno, and my mother, Rita, are both retired but I still spent much time with her because I really feel well when I am in her company. I am quite good at computer so sometimes I have helped him with troubles.

I guess I have written everything I could say to describe me and my life at my best. Are you particularly close with any of your family members?

I often prepare myself with them before a test or I try to help them study. Now I am supposed to describe myself both at home and at school. Explain why you are excited about the experience Your host family is excited to host you and they want to know that you are excited about the experience too.

Since I have been a child, my brother and I have spent a lot of our time with her because our parents were at work. What makes your family unique?

Letter to my Japanese host family

Can someone translate it and correct errors? I hope I will be close to you to create many memories all together and say that this has been a golden period of our lives. I hope you are happy as me while reading this letter.

Two years ago she got sick and she never restored completely, so I have to look after her sometimes and help her with housework. With my classmates I have good relationships and some of them are even true friends. I have gone swimming for several years at the swimming center but two years ago it was closed so I decided to go to the gym.

Like my father, she is retired so she is always free, for this reason she do the shopping and the most of household chores. A student might be trying to explain her preferences, but when she devotes equal attention to describing her dislikes, she comes across as negative or picky.

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My school does not have projects or courses like Japanese club so I do not do any other extra activity there. Your host family wants to know! Keep your tone upbeat and positive. I hope I will improve my language skills, my personality and I will meet many new people and make more friends!

At school I am almost the same, it always me after all. Like me, he is interested in Japan and Japanese culture.Can someone help me write a thank you letter for my japanese host family for letting me stay at their house for a week and letting me experience new things or such?

How to Write a Letter in Japanese

Jul 26,  · Quick translation, letter to host family -PM I would really appreciate a tiny bit of help here: I'm writing a letter to my host family soon to be.

How to Write a Letter to a Japanese Host Family Staying with a family in another country is one of the best ways to get acquainted with a culture. Your Japanese family already knows something about you from your exchange student application, but writing a letter can help to break the ice.

Keep thi. Jun 14,  · Re: Parent Letter to Host Family /6/14 I stayed with a host family several years ago who are still my "Japanese family" that are very dear to me.

May 01,  · I think your teacher means not "passionate", but rather to write like you truly care about your host family and about Japan. You see the difference? It is not necisarrly showing a passion but it is showing a genuine intrest in the family, the Japanese culture, and the experience you will be Resolved.

How to Write a Letter to Your Host Family

Dec 21,  · Konbanwa, I am a high school student, and I am going to be an exchange student this summer in Japan. Part of the application process is to write my future host family a letter (in Japanese).

How to write a letter to host family in japanese
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