Hannah montana and oliver

However, before he met her, he had spread a rumor that she ate possum. She refuses to enter a skating competition after her dog eats her contacts and does not want to be seen with her horn-rimmed glasses.

The Moviewhich was released on April 10, The circumstances of their first date are under dispute by both Lilly and Oliver.

Miley scrunches her face up and disgustedly says, "Ew! Miley and Lilly mistakenly believe that Oliver has a crush on the school nurse when they see him giving her candy. Hannah montana and oliver has an ongoing crush on Orlando Bloom regardless of her many crushes and boyfriends.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message InMitchel made his Hollywood film debut in Secondhand Lionsalongside his brother Marc.

Said Lilly, "He had the Pack with the sharpener! Contents [ show ] Background Oliver was born on July 3, and grew up in California. Oliver also has Type 1 diabetes. Miley stops them by saying, "Okay, never not gross. Miley and Lilly then hatch a plan to get Oliver back only to find out that Oliver was in fact, practicing saying "I love you" so he could say it to Lilly.

In most episodes Lola wears a differently colored wig, from white to red to purple to pink to blue in one episode Traci Van Horne refers to Lola as a "bitter anime character". She wore a beret to school and said "Oui, Oui" so much that people started calling her "Tinkles Truscott".

But when Lilly announces that she loves Oliver, Miley tells her the truth.

Oliver-Lilly Relationship

Although Lilly is dating Oliver, she looks at other guys. Lilly helps Oliver come up with the disguise which consists of a fake goatee, aviator sunglasses, an upside-down visor, sweatpants and a zip-up hoodie.

His second single, " Hey ", was released on May 15, on Radio Disney with an accompanying music video that premiered on Disney Channel. After Matt asks Lilly to a dance, Miley tries to get Lilly to change her tomboy image so that Matt will find her more attractive. They make-up again after Rico helped them get back together by writing a fake poem and send it to Lilly but signed as "Oliver Oken".

They make-up again after Rico helped them get back together by writing a fake poem and send it to Lilly but signed as "Oliver Oken. However after an argument over their favorite bands Radiohead and Coldplay they broke up but Miley, made a mini-Indiana Joannie movie and they made up and resumed dating.

He received the nickname "Ollie" in The series premiered on September 10, The next scene, Miley is seen checking herself in a handheld mirror in front of her locker. Their friendship started in preschool when Lilly held his hand in order to share his crayons.

She met Oliver in kindergarten and has been best friends with him ever since. Lilly and Miley have an especially close friendship. The first girl to like him since pre-school. See, you always agree with each other!

Oliver Oken

Miley tried to make Lilly kiss a boy named Gill, and she paid him to do so. He is a fan of Coldplay. In Judge me Tender, Lilly describes him as a dead beat when she first met him.

When Miley got better and was sitting with Lilly, Lilly told her she was going to get together with Oliver and Miley mistook this and thought that she was going to break up with him.

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Watch the latest Hannah Montana episodes online. Stay up-to-date, stream full episodes and video clips on DisneyNOW. Mar 24,  · "Hannah Montana" starts Miley Cyrus and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus who also plays her dad on Hannah Montana.

Miley is really singing pop superstar "Hannah Montana", but most of her friends at school have no idea/10(K). Oliver becomes an overnight sensation after singing on a TV talent show and starts to neglect Lilly due to his sudden fame.

When Hannah serves as a guest judge on the show, Lilly tries to get her. Oliver and Lilly started dating in the third season, and dated to the end of the series.

Their ship name is "Lolliver". Oliver-Lilly Moments Promma Mia: This is the fourteenth episode of Season 3. It centers around Miley's promise.

Disney HANNAH MONTANA, LILLY & OLIVER Dolls Target Exclusive Fab Friends 3 Miley See more like this.


Hannah montana and oliver
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