Fiskars paper punch

It was definitely a bigger design and more rounded corner though. I turn my paper and line up my design with the yellow-orange symbol instead of the pink. It just depends on how big a bite out of your corner you want to take. This is my quick review of this line.

I use cardstock a lot! The next photo shows the punch with everything in position. Put the paper in place, hold it there, and then plunk the top part of the punch into place. I decided to try another one of its tricks and see if I could make the turn for a square.

The pieces are held together by fairly strong magnets. Above you can see the paper is in place and the punch is ready to go. One will insert the paper farther than the other. There are also two marks for lining up your paper. I decide to start easy with a border. Speaking of the Fiskars border punches though, I really like this one.

I have a few reservations though. I did a bigger bite, too, but forgot to snap a pic. I did see these multi shaper punches from The Paper Studio. There are markings on both the right and left sides of the punch for making corners.

I also wanted to point out what else happens In the photo above you can see the punched out design after the top part of the punch is removed.

Border punch

What I was more interested in was whether I could punch cardstock.Craft Online has over 85 different Fiskars Tools products in stock from brands like Ek success, Fiskars, and Jenni bowlin. Products like Fiskars Lia Griffith Knife White/Teal. Staples® carries a wide variety of paper punches to suit any organizational need.

Whether you need 1-Hole, 2-Hole, or 3-Hole punches, we’ve got that covered. For larger projects and frequent use, Staples® also carries heavy-duty and electric hole punches.

Trading Card Holders

Find great deals on eBay for fiskars corner punch. Shop with confidence. Fiskars is one of the oldest companies in the world.

Scrapbook Paper Punches

It began as an ironworks in the small village of Fiskars, Finland in Over the centuries Fiskars manufactured a wide variety of consumer and industrial products including steam engines, plows, and cutlery. The AdvantEdge™ Punch System automatically positions each punch for perfect alignment and features a magnetic clamp that prevents paper from slipping.

Create borders as big as " with the large AdvantEdge™ system or as small as" with the small AdvantEdge™ system. FISKARS MEDIUM ROUND Corner Rounder Lever Punch Scrapbook Paper Punch - NEW - $ Fiskars Corner Lever Punch - Corner Rounder Medium Round White paper guides help paper get to the right spot for perfect corners every time Lever driven punching for creating fun, consumer chosen shapes Built in confetti catcher helps keep .

Fiskars paper punch
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