Exam question and answer on market

Distribution Channels Serious consideration will have to be given to how customers will be able to view, order and receive delivery of the products. Kotler identified six steps: The infrastructure development such as express highway, extension of airports, permits to operate telecommunication, etc.

The private car owners are actually professionals and financially privileged people despite of increasing number of car owners as the car price dropped compared to earlier days prior to the present government. The mission is then transformed into detailed supporting goals and objective to guide the company.

As a fresh graduate from the NUS and the son of a businessman, he decided to do a business with Myanmar. Companies that fail to keep up with technological change will miss out on new product and marketing opportunities.

The price for the 5 Liters canned pack is 12, Ks which is slightly below the market price of competitors. Furniture showrooms are necessarily large areas and need to be in areas where customers will be attracted.

Wants are the form taken by human needs when shaped by culture and individual personality. The value proposition is fulfilled through a market offering that delivers customer value and satisfaction, resulting in long term exchange of relationship with customers.

Auto magazine was chosen to insert the ad and discount coupon. Psychographic segmentation is not based on objective data so much as how people see themselves and their subjective feelings and attitudes towards a particular product or service, or towards life in general.

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In this way, preferred segments can be targeted. Identify the key elements of a customer driven marketing strategy and discuss marketing management orientation that guide marketing strategy.

He is an enthusiast of automobile and he through that it might be good if he enters the marketing and distribution of a lubricant brand available in Malaysia where he has a close contact with the industry as he conducted an industrial analysis of Malaysian Lubricant industry.

Similarly, buses and 3. He is using the door-to-door delivery to the car workshops in Yangon and a main distributor appointed for the distribution outside Yangon. It is not easy to set a foot in the market, because of the large crowd of brands. Both of these methods are most useful for convenience goods and are not, therefore likely to be very useful to Salim.

Discounts and payment terms need to be considered as a potential way of attracting customers especially in the initial start up phase of the new product line. Increasingly, private households, particularly those with computers, are converting spare rooms into office-style areas.

The firms want to produce a business portfolio that best fit its strength and weaknesses to opportunities in the environment. It then design and integrate marketing mix to produce the response it wants in the target market.

Market Research Exam

He strongly believes that a systematic approach in marketing can lead to the success and he will never spare to put efforts in the applications of marketing concepts and techniques.

This can help determine the appropriate strategy; because once the attractiveness of each identified segment has been assessed it can be considered along with relative strengths to determine the potential advantages the organization would have.

Elements in the marketing mix partly act as substitutes for each other and they must be integrated. Can the segment be reached profitably? Discuss how to design business portfolios and developing growth strategies.

Explain the importance of understanding customer and the market place, and identify the 5 core-marketing concept. He contacted with the company which is offering its products with the brand name, Black Eagle. An aid to this is to try to identify gaps in the market by considering the mix of the product attributes such as price, applications, users, occasions for use and specific aspects of quality may be drawn to refine knowledge of product position.

This highlights that the nature of the products in the new range will need to meet the demands of the new target market.Closed-book examination. Answer the Section A and any THREE questions from the Section B. The Fly of Black Eagle into Myanmar Engine Oil Market [1] Kelvin Lin, a Myanmar origin but a citizen of Singapore, is wondering the openness of Myanmar market, which was previously very notorious about the backwardness and full of.

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Questions And Answers IFMA CFM Practice Exam - Schooling for Professionals12 Months Validity · No Download Required · Unlimited Practice. QUESTION AND ANSWER ON MARKET SEGMENTATION Salim Brommer is the Marketing Director of Ashkol Furniture Supplies, a medium-sized company which specializes in manufacturing office furniture.

Market Research Exam. 56 Questions | By Marketresearch | Last updated: Jan 7, Questions and Answers 1. What is the definition of Market Research?

Discuss. A.

Exam Question and Answer on Market Segmentation

The systematic and objective process of generating information to aid in making marketing decisions Analysing market segments and target market 3. Planning and. Exam Question and Answer on Market Segmentation Words | 7 Pages.

QUESTION AND ANSWER ON MARKET SEGMENTATION Salim Brommer is the Marketing Director of Ashkol Furniture Supplies, a medium-sized company which specializes in manufacturing office furniture.

Exam question and answer on market
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