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The court has nothing to do with the question whether the legislature has committed an absurdity. If the judges were to apply the other meaning of the word, this would have led to bigamy being legal and that would result in an absurd decision.

His widow tried to claim compensation but failed after the courts took the words, "relaying" and "repairing" in their literal meaning and said that oiling points was maintaining and not replaying or repairing. Statutory interpretation consists of three main rules which are described as the literal rule, the golden rule and the mischief rule.

Although Dail debates are not to be followed under Statutory Interpretation, one reason for this being, that the consultation of parliamentary debates will not produce a single verdict from parliament. Tripe is to be held responsible for the demise in the conditions of the health of his animals, as his staff left employment without giving any notice.

The first of many rules of statutory interpretation starts with the literal rule. As she failed to provide appropriate evidence that her dog was of a pit bull terrier type, the Crown Court concluded that Miss Brock would not be prohibited from having the dog in her possession. Tripe had learned that the soft fleece of the alpacas was highly sought material in the fashion industry.

The public may believe that the judges are being unfair and that certain people do not deserve the punishment they have been given. Tripe will be prosecuted and held responsible for the actions of his employees.

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Loosely, the protection of children from accidents occurring from the named "toys. It would be helpful if there was one specific method of statutory interpretation that was always used in cases.

The different interpretations obtained from the statute are then examined to determine which interpretation applies to the statutory scheme.

Despite, the ordinary interpretation of the act and the fact that alpacas are not considered to be common farm animals in Ireland, Mr.

Essay: Introduction to statutory interpretation

The words of a statute may sometimes have a straightforward meaning but it is important to understand that this is not always the situation. They are simply interpretative guidelines and principles the courts have developed over time.

Tripe is being criminally prosecuted in this case, as he bares the responsibility of the inactions of his former employees in taking care of the animals. Tripe to find replacement farm labourers. Professor John Willis analysed these principles in his article "Statute Interpretation in a Nutshell" If they are capable of more then one meaning, then you can choose between those meaning, but beyond this you cannot go.

Thus in the context of the Child Safety Act with regards to the above rule, "other toys" as stated by the act are general words whereas "skateboard, roller-skates, roller blades bicycle," are particular words.

In what way, should this word be taken? Professor Michael Zander has denounced the literal rule as being mechanical and divorced from the realities of the use of language due to such rulings through this approach.Essay about Statuary Interpretation - Statuary Interpretation Statutory law is law that has been made by parliament.

For a statute to be passed it need to go through the House of Commons, House of lords and finally has to get the Royal Asset this is technically when the monarch must give their consent before legislation can become law but however in practice that consent is never refused.

Before outlining the approaches of statutory interpretation, an individual must understand the exact meaning of statutory interpretation. Statutory interpretation is the procedure in which a court interprets legislation in order to create a better understanding of the statute. Statutory Interpretation Essay Statutory interpretation is process of interpreting statutes by the judges.

The definition of statutes have had very specific words but indeed the judges would still need the statutory interpretation to help them.

Essay: Statutory Interpretation

Free Essay: Statutory interpretation is process of interpreting statutes by the judges. The definition of statutes have had very specific words but indeed. Statutory interpretation is process of interpreting statutes by the judges.

The word of interpretation gives us thought that Act of Parliament is difficult to be understood but conversely, the definition of statutes have had very specific words but indeed.

Foundations of Law: Statutory Interpretation Essay Q 2 At a surface level, when supplied with the information regarding the case Continue reading >Statutory Interpretation.

Essay on statutory interpretation
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