Dear single mama

It may be difficult, but you will probably Dear single mama pleasantly surprised by how wonderful it makes you feel knowing you are being the bigger person and acting out of kindness.

I also Dear single mama that showing a little bit of compassion and care, especially during the holiday season, can go a long way toward healing wounds. Time and again we hear about the benefits of community and spending time with loved ones. Your worries will settle into peace. You deserve to take care of yourself and your kids deserve it too.

And though as a child, my little emotions swirled within me like a hurricane, I can tell you one thing for certain: But as a Dear single mama parent, the holiday season can be especially trying.

This is the time of year when everywhere you look you are presented with perfect pictures of perfect families celebrating together. After bath time and bedtime, when the quiet of your house is suffocating, as you melt into your chair with a broken heart and dark thoughts, there is something you really need to know.

And I am OK. I know how some days life seem so unfair and painful and like everything was taken away from you in the blink of an eye no matter how many warning signs there may have been leading up to divorce or separation. Motherhood placed a child at the center of your broken heart, and it is with that overwhelming love for your child that you will find the strength to conquer these dark times.

It gets harder, it really does. It is a song that spoke not just to me, but every mother that has been in that situation, and there have been millions of us.

Fuck the insensitive comments others make. Your sleepless nights will eventually feel restful. Just like you hope. You may want to read more here on why I wrote this letter or read this related post. You are far too beautiful and precious in His sight. She later remarked that the song gave her a "rush of emotions" upon her first listen.

This is the time of year when co-parenting can seem like torture and loneliness creeps in like dust on the shelves.

Learn to navigate and express your feelings; be open to freeing yourself from your past. Those babies will grow into adults that love, learn and grow.So, single mama, please know you are so loved, cherished, and appreciated; whether it's through the eyes of your best friends, your family, and/or your little one(s), they see you, too.

Everyone sees how hard you work to provide, to educate, to be there - ALL IN. "Dear Mama" is a song by American hip hop recording artist 2Pac, released on February 21, as the lead single from his third studio album, Me Against the World (). The song is. by Mom Babble's Mary Katherine Dear Single Mama, I have something to tell you.

As you try so hard to hold it in, pull it together and keep it from falling apart; as you get off work, pick up the kids, check their homework, cook and clean dishes please take a moment to hear me.

Dear Single Mom (and sometimes single Mom)

Dear Single Mama, I have something to tell you. As you try so hard to hold it in, pull it together and keep it from falling apart; as you get off work. Dear Single Mom (and sometimes Single Mom), I want you to know that I think about you often. I imagine how you feel on the lonely nights that seem to pl.

My hat is off to you. I wish we could sit down together and chat and remind each other that it's going to be okay. That we'll be okay and that God is bringing us through.

Dear Single Mama, Your Love is Enough

Some days when I'm bone weary, I think about you -- laboring well after everyone's in bed. Making hundreds of decisions, big and small. Anesthetizing the evenings with a mindless screen.

Dear single mama
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