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Crime mapping can be conducted for any number of reasons. Arguments in Favor of Electronic Monitoring First, electronic monitoring is a cheaper alternative to traditional incarceration.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Monitoring in Criminal Justice

Ineffective equipment may result in participants receiving technical violations for time violation, area violations, or other failures. Owing to the limited number of satellites there were only certain times of the day during which this feat could be accomplished, but by the mids the military completed the system of 24 satellites which made it possible for any GPS receiver to calculate its location anywhere in the world at any time.

Here in the States, electronic monitoring is used more in post-trial monitoring than in pre-trial defendants, in which sometimes the court makes some type of new special release program for those criminals.

Perez, Teresita and Reece Rushing.

Electronic Monitoring Devices Essay

People of the State of New York v. For example, rather than having to map crime using census tracts or city blocks, crime analysts can customize maps utilizing the boundaries of a police precinct or even a police beat—information that is of great value to police administrators.

Surveillance Policing, Digital Locating and Monitoring Essay

Supreme Court, in the case of United States v. The first program officially designated to monitor drunk drivers began in New Mexico in The way the electronic monitoring works is by having three simple components, a transmitter, a central computer, and a receiver. Further, research indicates that early detection of violations on EM devices has resulted in a decrease in recidivism by GPS-supervised offenders are less likely to abscond, and when compared to a matched controlled group of prisoners less likely to recidivate.

Advances in Crime Mapping The locating or monitoring of an individual suspect is by no means the only form of surveillance that has been enhanced by modern technology. Arguments Against Electronic Monitoring With any benefit of supervising offenders under electronic technologies, so too arise concerns generated from opponents of these alternatives.

As noted by a multitude of researchers, the use of GPS technology has allowed corrections to extend the alternative to higher-risk offenders, thus leaving less intrusive options probation available for lower-risk offenders.

Compstat and other similar systems facilitate data-driven administrative processes. These failures can include signal loss on GPS devices, equipment removal or tampering, and battery failure.

electronic monitoring

Countries like Canada and the United Kingdom have adopted this new monitoring system due to its effectiveness. These officers are responsible for ensuring compliance with the court mandates, investigating violations, reporting back to the court, and ensuring equipment fit and usage.

Research indicates that many of the offenders placed on community-based alternatives are designated as low-risk offenders. Advances in computer technology coupled with advances in printing technology e. A fourth argument against the use of EM technologies is the possibility for increased workload for officers using GPS.Electronic Monitoring is used in any circumstance in which a criminal has been given the liberty to be on any kind of probation or during their parole.

Although the convict may not be in prison, constant supervision is provided without the need for a prison cell. Community based corrections is known as parole, probation, house arrest, or electronic monitoring.

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An electronic monitoring device demonstrated in Bern, Switzerland, in (Reuters photo: Michael Buholzer) It reduces the risk of letting people out of prison. Criminal suspects, like you and.

Electronic Monitoring

In most cases it used in severe supervision, where the criminal is not trusted to be without any kind of supervision.

The way the electronic monitoring works is by having three simple components, a transmitter, a central computer, and a receiver.

[tags: criminal justice] Good Essays words ( pages) House Arrest with Electronic Monitoring Essay - My topic is based on house arrest (HA) with electronic monitoring (EM) and I will be arguing in favour of it being an alternative to confinement.

This alternative method is .

Criminal electronic monitoring essay
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