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God said Let the waters be divided. God saw that it was good.

Some say that God also created the Torah at this time and a mighty voice crying Return you children of men. So if you said something or made something that went agains the religion then you could get sent to get kill or murdered on the spot because religion has a huge saying on everything and they had a lots of power.

They said that god created the world, plants, animals, and humans in their present form in only a few thousand years ago. God said Let the great light and the small light appear in heaven to govern day and night.

After all that they started to teach evolution so the future can be more open minded about the world all over us. A difference between Creationism and Theistic Evolution is by the way a person may view the book of Genesis.

The theory of creation is the belief that a super natural being created all living thing in the their present form. And God made the arch of the sky to hold back the waters from the earth. Now there is two viewpoint one is evolution and the other is creation. Theistic Evolutionists combine the theory of Evolution and the ideas of Creationism explaining to us that there is a God and he put the Evolutionary laws into motion.

But on the other hand seen your little you are told to Creationism theory essay in a certain religion seen your your born you have to go to a church or temple or what every you believe in it is mostly put to you or if you parent believe in something then most certainly you will come out believing in what they believe in.

They had found a seven million year old skull in Africa of a ape-man a hominid ancestor they name it Sahelantbropus Tehadensisi, this is one of the many they found that provides Charles Darwin points.

I am going to talk about the facts of the founder of natural selection, then of the ape man the closet thing that was to a human, then the creation the big belief of a gods that created everything that lives on this earth, lastly is the two view points of why school teach evolution and why it does not teach creationism, and there similarities between both.

The sun is of yang and the moon, yin. The second viewpoint is the religionists viewpoint called creationism. This means that fish were the simpler animals and they turned into reptiles, which then turned into birds and mammals.

Put now their are religion that still have a lots of power the catholic people have a pope and basically get treated like a king because he is given what ever he want to get. This then is yin and yang and from them came forth everything. God punished them and cast our parents out of Paradise to struggle in this earthly life.

Another is the story of Chinese Creation Story.

He placed some above the arch and some below some tell of the waters arguing about this division and thus disagreement entered the universe. On the other hand, most religious faiths support the idea of creationism.

More people vaguely believe in the Naturalistic Evolution Theory, not because they know every answer to how humans have evolved, but simply because they are taught that there are more facts that have not been disproven.

Yin and yang are not to be seen as gods in any sense. Creationism is the theory that humans were created in the hands of God. While evolution is a fact, it is also a theory, and facts and theories are two different things.

They stop because they proposed laws in many states that creationism and evolution should both be taught as competing theories however because creationism was faith based and the constitutional separation of church and state effectively kept religious teaching out of public schools.

Most Creationists see the Bible, not as a science book, but scientifically accurate, only because there is no scientific evidence that contradicts the Bible.

The Theistic Evolution Theory states that God created the world and guides the evolution process Robinson, We will write a custom essay sample on Creationism Vs. How shall I feed all her children God replied Fear not, together we shall find food. God said Let the earth bring forth every kind of living creature.

But Lilith would not live with Adam and went her own way. When trying to explain the concept of Evolution, most people become confused because it is hard for scientists to communicate to the general public and also because there is confusion between scientists themselves.

Charles Darwin, as well as other Evolutionists, bases his beliefs solely on scientific facts and that life has evolved from more simple organisms and that natural selection and environmental factors combine to explain the diversity of life we see on earth.

The mist shook and separated that which was light rose up to form heaven and that which was heavy sank became solid and formed the earth.Creationism is the theory that humans were created in the hands of God.

This theory is supported most heavily by Jewish and Christian faiths. We will write a custom essay. Evolution versus Creationism Evolution is a theory that’s based on science and more detailed evidence while Creationism is a faith-based theory.

In no way is faith, a factor that influences the ideas and theories supported by scientists. Creationism - A doctrine or theory holding that matter, the various forms of life, and the world were created by God out of nothing and usually in the way described in Genesis.

2. Evolutionism - A theory of biological evolution, especially. Creationism or Intelligent Design is the belief that life and the universe were created by a supernatural being (an "intelligent designer"), an omnipotent, benevolent mint-body.comion is the process by which different kinds of living organisms developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the Earth.

The theory of evolution purports that life.

Creationism vs. Evolution: the Three Different View Points Essay Sample

- Evolution versus Creationism Evolution is a theory that’s based on science and more detailed evidence while Creationism is a faith-based theory. In no way is faith, a factor that influences the ideas and theories supported by scientists. Creationism vs.

Evolution There is alot of controversy these days as to whether or not students should be made to study both creationism and evolutionary theory. Evolution is an actual scientific theory with evidence to back it up, where creationism is simply based on religious beliefs with no evidence or a possibility for it to be proven.


Creationism theory essay
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