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Lobsters are highly territorial and establish a hierarchy of dominance within the community of lobsters that Clearwater seafood essay around them; the lobsters are generally a reddish-brown or greenish color, although there are occasionally unusual colors, including blue, yellow, orange or even white Jennifer.

Its meet is sweet and tender with clean taste and meaty texture. It has also devised new ways of shipping fresh seafood to global customers, creating new markets for its products, which we will discuss with you in the below analysis.

The company also holds a subsidiary in Argentina and 11 plus factory freezer vessels. When it comes to hazard risk management, buying insurance to against the nature events will always help. Clearwater has done a good job in using the leading technology for Clearwater seafood essay and producing which should be maintained in the future.

They believe that their greatest growth opportunity is increasing sales to existing customers. Clearwater Seafoods Limited has three alternatives to enter the Chinese market.

MORE It is too tedious to mention all the competitors sinceof them are very small companies with less than 10 employees. Clearwater revenue would increase if UAE is considered for the export business based on the fact that there is increase in demand of seafood in UAE especially live crabs, which is sold almost triple the price in UAE compare to Canada.

Therefore, to Clearwater seafood essay the strategy risk, Clearwater should concentrate more on the value of the seafood production and seek more trading opportunities in the Asian market. In the long term, Clearwater should transfer into the corporate form which gives the decision power to the company whether to pay out dividend or to make investment.

Suggestion As the discussion above, Clearwater Seafoods is facing lots of uncertainties which will have negative impact on its revenue.

As for the distribution handout issue, Clearwater can turn it into corporation from income trust which will make the firm deliver dividend instead of regular receipts. The company, has ships around the world and has cashed in on growing demand for its shellfish. Tariffs, Inspection and Regulations- Positive news for Clearwater Seafoods is that import tariffs, inspections and regulations are decreasing, as stated above.

They attempt to empower them through decentralized decision making and personal accountability to enhance innovation and improve the efficiency of the organization.

Snow crab The snow crab or chionoecetes opilio is a crustacean with a flat, almost circular body, and five pairs of spider-like legs, all longer than the width of its orange-brown shell can be found only on the West and East Coats of Canada and Alaska, though some can be found near Russia and Japan, as well which make our product unique due to the low content of mercury Seafood Selector.

They helped Clearwater Seafood Company have better future development in China where several local famous restaurant groups joined in on the festivities and all showed strong willingness to cooperate with Clearwater Seafood Company.

Chinese people also have strong interests to try a variety of different types of foreign seafood. The snow crab also known as Queen crab has edible meat in the body, legs and claws, tender, succulent meat making it a more satisfying meal overall.

Numerous famous restaurants in China would like to sell the export seafoods, even if the prices are higher than local, consumers seem desperate to try something new. Forth, the company can require its customers to make the payment in Canadian dollar, which will switch the foreign exchange risk to them.

Entering the Chinese market can provide for Clearwater Seafoods a variety of advantages. Clearwater Seafood has huge opportunity for growth because not many Chinese companies emphasize quality or the standards yet Clearwater swears by.

This is reasonable and a more practical way of entering the Chinese market. Clearwater does not only provide sufficient and premium seafood supply but also build it a reputable company with excellent Corporate Social Responsibility which will bring more added values to its UAE customers.

Since its founding in Clearwater has invested in science, people, technology, resource ownership and resource management to sustain and grow its seafood resource.

The final strategy that Clearwater demonstrates is their commitment to diversity in both their product lines and in the markets they sell their products in.

As a result, many countries such as the United States, the European Union and Russia have banned importing certain kinds of seafood from China after they found antibiotic contamination. Such knowledge would enable the firm to market and sell its products more successfully in the Chinese market despite the fact that the profits are not the same as if the firm was just operating independently.

Clearwater Seafood: Product Analysis Essay

And the Canadian Government would like to push the business development. The lobsters should be stored in styrofoam or cardboard boxes, completing with gel or ice packs to maintain a low temperature. They supply a wide range of products: The net profit margin also fell duringpartially attributable to tax incentives Clearwater was able to take advantage of during China imports from Canada More essays like this: It is China, a.

This indicates that exploring in the Asian market will be a good chance for Clearwater to enhance its earnings.

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However, in case of failure, it is best to go for merging or FDI as a last choice.Clearwater Seafood (Clearwater) is a seafood company located on the east coast of Canada, and Clearwater Seafood income Fund with operations around the world.

As a result of the increasing importance of the Canadian dollar relative to other currencies of the world, Clearwater recently stopped paying their distributions. Recognized globally for its superior quality, food safety, diversity of species and reliable worldwide delivery of premium wild, eco-certified seafood, including scallops.

Quality Seafood Market in Tampa, FL. Clearwater Seafoods. aquaculture industry in the country. The Country is arid nature; there are no inland fisheries in the UAE. In the UAE seafood is eaten as part of everyday meals and for special occasions, and additionally both the quickly growing UAE population and the increase in tourism and major developments drive increased seafood consumption, The demand from the U.A.E.

foodservice. Related Documents: Essay about Clearwater Seafoods Essay on Seafood and newly Renamed Building Steamers fresh seafood Just last fall I was introduced to a fried shrimp Po’Boy sandwich, I was a bit skeptical due to it being my first of many.

Clearwater Seafoods Incorporated, through its investment in Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership, harvests, processes, markets, and distributes seafood worldwide.

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