Assignment instructions

Not every topic would work well as a screencast, for example, so think carefully about the relationship between topic, audience, and format. If you know of others I should add to this list, please send them to me by email. In addition, it is an up-to-date and comprehensive set of specific instructions and general information relevant to all of the duties of the SOs, all housed in one place.

The document uses the inbuilt styles and formatting of MS Word so that the content and presentation can be quickly and easily adapted to suit your requirements. Additional info on this assignment was provided in class and on calendar entries.

Select a topic that you are at least fairly knowledgeable about, either from a personal hobby, course work at school, or a job. Examples of appropriate web sites include wikiHow. Our assignment excludes writing instructions on dangerous topics, but practically any task may involve some danger or hazard, so warn the user about it.

Regardless of whether you find or create a graphic, please include it digitally; that is, download the file and include it in your document or scan the existing image and include the scanned image. Suggestions for Responding Successfully Keep in mind the following eight tips for completing this assignment successfully: That means you should choose topics that most college students will be able to complete or you should check with the class to find out who might have the necessary special equipment or knowledge to complete your task.

Each time you direct readers to take a new action, start a new step. If are using primary and secondary research, include a "Works Cited" section. All check calls are to be made from extension???? Remember, you can find a lot of current information on the Web.

See the About tab in the top menu. Place the cursor over the graphic, then right click and save the graphic to your computer.

All materials on this site are subject to ongoing revision and improvement! You can use this document as the basis of your own within your organisation, either in full or by selecting parts of it.

Because the instructions genre is itself a form of technical writing, the topic you choose to cover in your instructions does not need to be technical in nature. The number of steps you include depends on the nature of your task, so there is no required number, but aim for at least six or seven steps.

Steps are complete instructions tell how, not just what to do. The topic should also be one on which a good set of instructions does not already exist.

If you decide to make a screencast or video tutorial, your project will be in video format. NO other extensions should normally be used except in an emergency. Thereafter check calls must be made to control at one and a half hourly intervals, commencing at hrs, i.

Follow the guidelines in the text to make sure you have the three sections the reader will be looking for-the introduction, step-by-step instructions, and conclusion-and that each section fulfills its purpose in the instructions.

Try deliberately spelling words wrongly. Steps are grouped according to major tasks. Use a running header and page numbers to identify the project on each page.

The topic should also be moderately substantial in scope, by which I mean that if you were to print it out as an article or a transcript for a videoit might span three to five pages, give or take. When talking to any person, whether a visitor, member of management staff or any other employee, always be polite.

You still need to pick a site to post the video on. It depends on your topic. He must also confirm that he has in his possession all necessary keys.

The assignment stipulates that you indicate your audience and purpose in the introduction. Illustrations will appear to the left of the verbal instructions or directly below.Sep 27,  · Market Rally Just Ahead - Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News for 9/28/ CryptosRUs watching Live now.

This is an archived version of an Instructions Project assignment I used for WRTG in Fall To view their final projects, browse the Final Instructions Projects category on the class blog. Assignment Instructions: Activity Instructions 1.

Look for a news story from an Islamic news source, centered on Islam and/or Muslims in another country. Coverage of Ramadan is a good topic to focus on for this exercise.

See the listing below of sample newspaper Web sites. 2. Look for coverage of the same new story [ ].


Assignment Instructions Please educate yourself about the Flint, Michigan lead Water Crisis that occurred in (look up an article or two) and present a Marx.

In our experience, assignment instructions are a constant reference for the security officer and every bit as important as his or her licence and uniform.

Having passed Basic Job Training, the assignment instructions become a familiar document which includes such important information as duties for the security staff, client details and. Read all instructions before completing and submitting the assignment. 1. You are required to submit an answer to the attached assignment question by the due date and time for lodgment.

Any requests for extension must be made prior to the due date via e-mail to the lecturer-in-charge. 2.

ASSIGNMENT – Instructions Project for Technical Communication Students

Your assignment must be submitted both in .

Assignment instructions
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