An analysis of the factors contributing to the buying behavior of pizza customers

Chungnam National University; J Korean Soc Diet Cult. The consumption patterns of fast food in small cities. Korea Consumer Agency; A study on dining out behaviors of fast foods - focused on Youido apartment compound in Seoul. Discussion This study investigated fast food consumption status among middle school students.

Social determinants of food choice. Learning Learning comes only through experience. A survey of dietary behavior and fast food consumption by high school students in Seoul. Selective Attention - Selective attention refers to the process where individuals pay attention to information that is of use to them or their immediate family members.

Items showing comparably strong levels of attitude were taste, store environment, familiarity, and saltiness. Dietary and nutrient intake profile. Predicting the intention to eat healthier food among young adults.

Individuals perceive similar situation differently due to difference in the way they interpret information. J Korean Home Econ Assoc. This study was limited by its cross-sectional nature. Such programs include components for addressing factors affecting the behaviors of the nutrition education targets.

Both behavioral intention and perceived behavioral control were significantly associated with fast food consumption, of which behavioral intention appeared to be more important.

This study found the average monthly frequency of fast food consumption to be 4.

Most subjects in this study answered that they ate fast food downtown Though both Catherine and Roselyn had the same motivation hungerbut the products they purchased were entirely different as Roselyn perceived pizza to be a calorie laden food.

The level of perceived behavioral control was also found to be moderate, with a score of Future nutrition education programs would benefit from including these issues regarding fast food consumption.

Korean J Food Nutr.

Psychological Factors affecting Consumer Behaviour

A study on dietary behavior of children according to their preferences for fast food. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. This discrepancy is likely due to methodological differences in the two datasets.

While attitude was not significant, subjective norms and perceived controls were significantly associated with the intention to consume fast food.

An individual who is thirsty would definitely not mind spending on soft drinks, packaged water, juice and so on. Korean J Food Cult. Fast food, central nervous system insulin resistance, and obesity.

Kim K, Park E. Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Dietary behavior and fast-foods use of middle school students in Seoul. Evaluation of nutrient density for fast foods selected by middle and high school students in Seoul.

Certain products become their status symbol and people know them by their choice of picking up products that are exclusive.Cultural adaptation pattern analysis of McDonald’s and KFC in the Chinese market Authors: Longyu ZHOU out how customers think about their adapting behaviors—what are the important adaptation factors in Within all these measures, which are the factors contributing most to a successful adaptation model that favored by the Chinese.

CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR AT THE FOOD MARKET. the choice of buying food, factors determining the behavior of buyers of food products as well as factors affecting the preferences of buyers of catering.

At the end researcher identified that all factors ware significant towards consumer buying behavior but related to the selected region customers was not satisfactory awareness about various brands of pizza, culture of pizza; location was confused on parking and low freedom even with atmosphere.

deviated on consumer expectation related to the analysis. Finally researcher suggested to change on consumer buying behavior of Pizza fast Food Products in Anuradhapura area, 4. Research Hypothesis fast foods among the customers.

And when considering the factors affecting to consumer buying behavior Gluckman ().

The following factors influence consumer behavior: a. Situational influences Lifestyle 5. Attitudes Given the hypothesis that attitudes influence buying behavior, how can a company bring its products and consumers'attitudes into a consistent state; that is, into a situation MARKETING CAPSULE • behavior.

The purpose of this study is to identify and analyze factors that influence consumer purchasing decision of private label food products.

Method: Empirical Findings and Analysis such type of buying behavior. Furthermore consumer and buyer behavior is in fact an ongoing process.

An analysis of the factors contributing to the buying behavior of pizza customers
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