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When parents and family members become sick the children will take responsibility to earn an income, produce food and care for the family members. Across Africa male partners have been found to be on average six years older than the women with whom they have intercourse. Uganda has experienced a slow decline in HIV rates, decreasing the rate in school girls in Central African Republic from The HIV virus destroys the immune system which makes humans vulnerable to many infections which can lead them to death.

The final way that this disease is usually contracted is through infected blood transfusions that would be used to help hemophiliacs or a case of extreme loss of blood. They claim that in Africa AIDS is not an epidemic linked to sexual behavior, but is a new name for old diseases that result from poor health care, and widespread malnutrition.

Nonetheless, a strongly defined situation shows potential societal disaster in other regions, particularly Sub-Saharan Africa. When those people who are already trained for various job die because of AIDS, it means that factories, industries, schools and hospitals have to incur extra cost for training more skilled individuals who can replace them and those who can work efficiently Cohen Since HIV has destroyed the immune systems of at least a quarter of the population in some areas, far more people are not only developing tuberculosis but spreading it to their otherwise healthy neighbors.

These individuals in most cases who are young eventually die leaving young children and the aged who are not able to work for their basic need.

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Many cultures demand that women should not have any sexual experience before marriage. This strong influence on local values, morals, and government policies has sustained infection rates at a negligible level.

In conclusion i can say that there is a progress in slowing down the spread of the HIV infection due to the commitment and involvement of governments, NGOS and people. Health industry Medical facilities in many African countries are lacking.

Thus, the HIV prevalence rates in were lower than 0. Lately, many African countries have implemented household-based surveys and national population are done to collect data from both man and woman, rural and urban areas, non-pregnant and pregnant women, and they have altered the recorded national prevalence levels of HIV.

Women are expected to be respectful, docile, faithful, and not to be aggressive when it comes to sex. The number seems to be dropping drastically which portrays that there has been a change of behaviour which has made the number to reduce and also the decrease can be as a result of increased mortality rate of those who are infected.

AIDS in Africa

People are being encouraged to be tested, use condoms and to alter their sexual behaviours. It is accepted for man to continue to have multiple sexual partners throughout their life and discussing matters which concern sex are seen to be taboo.

This is partly due to lack of training available. In order to facilitate this, these sectors have to use a lot of money which could be used for other purposes to boost the economic status of these sectors.

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The epidemic is also producing a generation of orphans, with It took a long period of time for African political leaders to recognise the crisis nature of the epidemic and to formulate ways in which to resolve the crisis and to use all available resources to address the emergency.

This has increased the disease occurrence a lot since no prevention measures are taken and therefore transmission rate is quite high. Due to strong impact that HIV sets on labor force, in various enterprises and household, HIV has acted as a quite significant factor in drop of the economic development and growth of countries and also in individuals.

The general global scientific community considers the evidence that HIV causes AIDS to be conclusive, thus completely rejecting any denial of such as pseudoscience.

The following table gives the figures for the estimated number of adults and children living with AIDS at the end of in South Africa: AIDS is an illness that involves several phases.

It has also been found that in many cases, the adults in these communities the individuals with the means to educate themselves and economically and emotionally support a family are the ones dying of the disease.Sub-Saharan Africa is the region of the world that is most affected by HIV/AIDS.

The United Nations reports that an estimated million people are living with HIV and that approximately million new infections occurred in To put these figures in context, more than 60 percent of the. The free History: Africa research paper (Aids In Africa essay) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service.

If you need fresh and competent research / writing on History: Africa, use the professional writing service offered by our company. Aids In Africa Essay The Cycle and Prevention of HIV in Africa Individuals in are dying by the masses in Africa due to HIV. Close to 12 million children in Sub Saharan.

Aids in South Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa is the region of the world that is most affected by HIV/AIDS. The United Nations reports that an estimated million people are living with HIV and that approximately million new infections occurred in The AIDS crisis in Africa has become an enormous problem that cannot and should not be ignored.

Out of all of the people in the world with AIDS, at least one third reside in Africa. Why do such a large number of people with AIDS exist solely in Africa?

There are many causes and no simple /5(9). - Summary The following essay deals with the question how communication strategies contribute to increase the prevention of AIDS in poor rural settings in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The author approaches this topic using communication theory.

A essay on aids in africa
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